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Install Solaris on DL380

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Keith O'Sullivan
New Member

Install Solaris on DL380

I am trying to install solaris 8 on an old dl380 (G1), i have downloaded the drivers from SP21874 and installled the supplemental drivers, however i get an error where the array is found but has no drivers for the logical drive so cannot mount the drive.

Has anyone done this before>

Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Install Solaris on DL380


You try os-installation along with Configuration Assistant Diskette.

Problem Faced:
Error: Missing Primary Disk. The Solaris could not detect a Primary disk , but none of them map to the primary disk: /pci@0,0/pci8086,3595@2/pci8086,32a@0,2/pciell,4091@3/cmdk@0,0:
Solution provided:

When we Boot Solaris with Solaris 8 Software CD 1of 2(10/01) to installed OS above said problem found.
Finally we are Boot Solaris with Configuration Assistant Diskette and Choose the F4 option (F4_Add Driver ) to add the Smart Array 6I Controller (CPQary38130 Driver Update diskette) Press F2_Continue. Reinsert the Configuration Assistant diskette and press F4_Done. Then it will ask CD 1 of 2 &CD 2 of 2
And the installation process has been done successfully.
Configuration Assistant floppy image has been attached.
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Keith O'Sullivan
New Member

Re: Install Solaris on DL380

Many thanks

I tried it again with the disks, and Solaris has installed successfully. I must of missed something the first time round. The above answer is exactly right for anywone else needing to install Solaris in the future.