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Install Windows Server 2008 onto RAID disks

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Ivan Kalina
Occasional Contributor

Install Windows Server 2008 onto RAID disks

Hello all,

My server is still ML 110 G4.
I've noticed a problem while installing Windows Server 2008 onto built-in RAID subsystem (Intel Storage Matrix - ICH7R). Currently i've configured 4 SATA disks into 2 separate RAID 1 volumes. The problem is, that Windows 2008 doesn't see RAID volumes: in place of them it sees 4 separated physical disks. Adding a RAID driver to OS is not helpful; derecognizing SATA disks in bios to NONE attached (in addition to appointing Drive Mode is Enchanced, Storage is RAID) is not helpfull too.
Windows Server 2003 works fine on the same BIOS and RAID configuration.
What about official support of this model for running windows 2008?

Thank you in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: Install Windows Server 2008 onto RAID disks

hi Ivan

Which driver are you using?

I had similar issue seen 2 HDDs RAID 1 when it had to be just 1, and it was incorrect drivers


Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!