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Install additional disk on ML350

Occasional Contributor

Install additional disk on ML350

How do I install a new disk for a ML350 with a RAID controller which already set up with a pair of disks. The PC is running MS server 2003 if that matters. Thanks.

Is there a procedure I can read and follow?


Re: Install additional disk on ML350

You need to make sure the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) is installed or you can run from Smartstart CD.

I presume you are using 2 SCSI disk configured as RAID 1.

You can add new disk to extend the current logical drive (Not C: drive where it is system disk). If you have 2 partitions and configured as dynamic disk, you can extend the 2nd partition.

Depend on what you want to do with the new disk. You can add in as new logical drive. With this configuration, you will see 2nd logicak disk in windows "disk management"