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Install hangs

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Install hangs

I'm trying to install Windows2000. Using SmartStart v5.0 and Windows2000 Server with SP1. I have the latest system bios. Every time I've tried to install the software it hangs at "Setup is starting Windows 2000." I have used the system erase utility twice with the same result. The disk controller is a 4200 with v1.30 firmware.
Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Install hangs

If you are doing an Assisted Installation with Smart Start 5.0 it should go OK with no problem.

If you are doing a Manual Installation then Choose Manual Installation Path with Smart Start to run "System Erase" -- "Configure Server Hardware" -- "Configure ARRAY" -- "Write System Partition" -- Then Boot on Windows 2000 CD & Press "F6" with Screen still Black as it starts to Automatically Discover Hardware -- Have at hand CP000508.EXE Extracted to Diskette available at: To specify 4200 Controller Driver -- Also CP000768.EXE Extracted to Diskette available at: To specify
Compaq 32-Bit SCSI Controller Driver for Windows 2000 -- Also Specify CD-ROM IDE attpi Driver Generic on Windows 2000 CD -- Installation will progress normally and apply Compaq Support Paq from Smart Start 5.0 or current Support Paq Ver.5.12A available at:

Hope this helps,
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