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Install nt4 on 8500R

Steve Yates_1
Occasional Visitor

Install nt4 on 8500R

no fixed disks found?

I go to specify additional devices but am unable to provide the right driver for the array controller.

What order do i need to load the drivers in and which drivers should i be loading to get bloody nt4 on this box.

Orion Quest

Re: Install nt4 on 8500R

When installing NT 4.0 by booting off the NT 4.0 CD you need to Press the F6 key as soon as the NT CD starts to load (about every 2 seconds)

Prior to this I recommend you use you smart start cd and create the suuport software disk(s), depending on which version of smart start you are using it could be eith disk 1 or 2.

At the next window, you will see this message:
"Setup has recognized the following mass storage devices in your computer

Your two choices are
----- To specify additional SCSI adapters, CD-ROM drives, .............., press S.
----- To continue with the installation, hit Enter
Choose S.

- Insert disk2 of the SSD (or the one with all the scsi and array drivers)
- Select "Compaq Integrated Smart Array\42xx controllers".
- At the next window, select S to specify additional devices.
- At the next window, hit the UP key until you find "IDE CD-ROM ATAPI" and hit enter.

- At the next window, select S to specify additional devices.
- At the next window, select "Other" and hit enter.
- Select "Compaq 32-bit SCSI-2 controllers for Windows NT 4.0".
- After this, all your array, cd-rom, and scsi drivers should have been selected so hit ENTER to continue installation.

[this is assuming you are using the intgrated array controller 42xx family controller]