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Install windows 2008 server

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Install windows 2008 server

Hello. I have a DL 560 server which has only a cdrom unit and no hard drives. I bought a SATA board that I've put it in the server and I've connect at it a 160GB sata hdd at 7.2k rpm and a sata dvdrom unit. Both units are recognized when I power on the server.
The problem is that I don't know how can I boot windows server 2008 from that dvdrom unit. In the bios I can select as a boot device only the NIC and the CDROM.

Please help.
Thank you very much.
Taha Tungekar
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Re: Install windows 2008 server

Hi Gbail,

You can use the HP USB Key utility, to install the HP SmartStart CD on a USB, then boot the server using this USB. In SmartStart you get option of selecting your OS Media Type, where you can provide an ISO image of the required OS (should be on another USB Drive).

Btw, are you installing on DL560 or DL580?

Windows 2008 is not supported on DL560 as per the compatibility matrix located here:

Hope this helps.


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