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Installation of Linux

H. Glesener
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Installation of Linux

Installing Linux Suse 9.1 on a Proliant 1600, I get a black screen after booting.
I presume that the driver for the video card isn't the good one.
The system detects a GD 5446
Shaikh Imran
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Re: Installation of Linux

Linux uses a free version of X Windows called Xfree86 to control your video display. Xfree86 supports VGA, Super VGA, and a few accelerated video cards. If you have a new video adapter, or a new motherboard with integrated video circuitry, you may want to download the latest Linux version of Xfree86, which is available at

Xfree86's configuration is found in a file named XF86Config which is located in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11. This file is created and edited by a Linux program called Xconfigurator.

In most cases you can complete the Linux installation by simply selecting "Generic VGA, 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz". Then after the installation is complete, you can use Xconfigurator to try to set a higher screen resolution in Linux.

To open the Xconfigurator utility, log in as root and click the "Terminal emulation program" button that is located on the task bar. In the window that appears, type Xconfigurator. Xconfigurator will search for your video adapter. If that search fails, you'll be given a list of monitors. If you can't find your particular monitor in the list, choose one of the "Generic" options.


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Re: Installation of Linux


At the BIOS (Press "F9" for RBSU) have you configured the server OS to be Linux. Most of the proliants by default come with Windows 2000/.NET as their OS.

Worth a try.