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Installing A PCI Video Card on a ML110...

Christian Barbie
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Installing A PCI Video Card on a ML110...


I am having problems installing a PCI Nvidia FX5500 on my ML 110. Before aquiring the card I made sure thta it was compatible with the slots available on the server. As I only have the option of a PCI (not PCI Express) on my ML110 G1, I finaly found an odd PCI Fx5500, which is not the latest technology, but i would surely help my need, for an improvement on the graphics side, in order to work with my image and video works...
I got the card, and installed it folowing closely the Pre and Post instructions on the server´s manual... Installed the card, and booted up the server, making sure to plug the monitors cable on the new card... But when it booted on the monitor stayed black and nothing.... At first I thought that the card had a problem, and had it checked by a professional on another PC and it worked fine... So now Iam thinking, How can I get it to work... Is the card not compatible, even if it is on the paper folowing the specs from HP??? Do I have to do something that I maybe don´t imagine? Can anybody help me with this???
thx a lot...
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Re: Installing A PCI Video Card on a ML110...

HP will not test or support 3rd party video cards, actually no video cards at all, your best shoot would be to upgrade the BIOS to the latest one