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Installing Debian 9 on DL20 GEN10

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Installing Debian 9 on DL20 GEN10

Hi. I am trying to install either Debian 9 or Ubuntu 18.04 on a new HP DL20 GEN10. I setup the two hard drives in RAID1 in the configuration panel but when I go through the Debian/Ubuntu Installers it shows me both the individual hard drives, not the RAID Volumes.

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Re: Installing Debian 9 on DL20 GEN10

The embedded chipset controller is a SATA controller that with a proprietary driver can offer software RAID functionality. This driver is not available for Linux.  Use the RAID software in Linux.  To create a boot image on the second disk you can use the LSRRB method. Information is here:


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Re: Installing Debian 9 on DL20 GEN10

hi, I have your same problem, I tried to install debian 10 on the DL20  GEN10 but it doesn't start,

can you help me?


Re: Installing Debian 9 on DL20 GEN10

While loading the server press F9 to get to the main menu "System Utilities".

In the menu, go to "System Configuration"> "BIOS / Platform Configuration (RBSU)"> "Storage Options" and select the "SATA Controller Options" . Change the "Smart Array SW RAID Support" mode to "SATA AHCI Support" in the "Embedded SATA Configuration" option.

Then you can install Debian Linux on software RAID (mdraid).

Additionally, you will need to make changes to the EFI Boot Manager in order to be able to boot the system from different disks.

Step by step instructions with screenshots here:
Installing Debian 10 (Buster) Linux on HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 server with UEFI and Linux Software RAID (mdraid) 
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