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Installing Linux on a ProLiant 1850R

Edward Hooper
Occasional Visitor

Installing Linux on a ProLiant 1850R

I'm trying to install Linux on a ProLiant 1850R. I have Slackware 10.0 (Kernel version 2.4.26) running now but every time I start gpm or X Windows the machine locks up.

When installing Fedora Core 2 (Kernel version 2.6.??) anaconda acurately identifies the video chipset, the monitor, and the mouse, then locks up when it tries to start X Windows for the confiuration and install.

Both problems revolve around the mouse. I have no problems running SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 on this hardware, but there is something in Linux that causes a complete and totale lockup.

My hardware configuration (beyond standard 1850R equipment) is:

512 MB RAM (taken from a ProSignia 740)
9.1 Gb hdd (on the integrated SCSI adapter)
No RAID card
BIOS v4.14a (?)
Michael Williams_6
Trusted Contributor

Re: Installing Linux on a ProLiant 1850R

While I don't actually know the answer, I have seen this sort of thing before. Try the following:

1. Use a different mouse if you can.
2. Disable the mouse in the bios (or remove the mouse) to prove X actually works in the first place, it might be something to do with the display drivers after all.
3. Configure your mouse as the most basic 2-button PS2 mouse, even if it isn't. I have found in the past that some mice aren't particularly Linux friendly and the signals aren't recognised properly...

Alternatively, buy an up-to-date server :-p
Edward Hooper
Occasional Visitor

Re: Installing Linux on a ProLiant 1850R

Well, I found the answer on another message board. I'm posting what I found for the benefit of others.

When installing Fedora Core 2, I passed to the kernel the options NOFB and NOUSB and everything works fine. I didn't have this problem with SCO OSR5 because it doesn't have USB support built into the install kernel.

If any Linux kernel maintainers are viewing this, please take a look at the code for the USB, frame buffer, and mouse drivers to see if there are any potential conflicts. Thanks.