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Installing SCO on PROLIANT 3000

Ralph Francis
Occasional Advisor

Installing SCO on PROLIANT 3000


I am trying to install sco openserver 5.0.4 on a Proliant 3000 server, I have created the array and logical partition through smart start.. When I boot into sco from floopy providing the bootstring -
bootstr link=cha Srom=wd(0,0,0)
it goes to the installaion phase after I select the installaion source device IDE CDROM.. it starts the installation and extracts some files after which it comes up with this message

no root disk has been detected. Cannot proceed . verifiy that your hardware configuration has a disk attached

I have configured the array through smart start as one 36GB RAID 0+1 (18X4)gb DISK
how can i get sco to recognise the array?

Jerry Leinsing
Frequent Advisor

Re: Installing SCO on PROLIANT 3000

You don't mention if you are familiar with loading SCO so...
Sounds like the defbootstr is not the right one.
The first thing we do is run SmartStart and print out the hardware component inventory. You can also get it from Diagnostics and we usually print both become one does some things better than the other.
Identify whether you are using SCSI or IDE CD ROM.
Find the controller for the hard drive and highlight it.
Download the latest Compaq EFS Extended Feature Supplement (has the drivers)
Print out the README
Notice that the instructions seem to have a logical split between SCSI CDROM and IDE CDROM. IDE starts at section 7 I think.
Find the controller you are dealing with. Read carefully. Don't jump on the first one you see. Look the list over and pick the correct one from that section.
Read that section and you will generally find a defbootstr that is suggested.
If you knew this already, then you are doing well.