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Installing Sol10 on DL360 G7

Occasional Contributor

Installing Sol10 on DL360 G7

I have installed solaris 10 x86 on a DL360 G7, using a jumpstart server, the OS installed fine, however, on reboot it fails to boot in normal mode. The server can only boot in failsafe mode, and iam able to mount the disk without a problem.

When i boot with debugger option -kd on it returns an error that "cannot mount root"

Any help is welcome.
Iam using Sol10 10/9
Jimmy Vance

Re: Installing Sol10 on DL360 G7

It has been some time since I've installed Solaris on a ProLinat. Unless something has changed, you need to add the Smart Array driver and the NIC driver to miniroot.

This link is for the files and documentation to install Solaris on the DL360 G7

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Installing Sol10 on DL360 G7

Hullo, Thanks for the reply, The Installation went through smoothly though abit slower than expected, In the Jumpstart start i have specified to add the smart array drivers and netkwork drivers as well.

The problem i cann't explain why it is able to mount the disk in failsafe and not in normal boot