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Installing VM ESX v4.0 (Urgent)

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Installing VM ESX v4.0 (Urgent)

Morning everyone

I need to install VM ESX 4.0, and i am asking if i can install the ESX4.0 on windows server 2003/2008?
is it possible to install it on windows or it is supported on linux only?

Thank you
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Re: Installing VM ESX v4.0 (Urgent)

When VMware ESX 4.0 is installed, it will completely replace any previous OS, if there is one (unless you take special steps to dual-boot between VMware and a regular OS).

Actually there is no requirement to install any OS to the server before installing VMware ESX on it: VMware ESX runs on "bare metal".

The ESX service console is actually a special Virtual Machine that has administrative access to the underlying VMware ESX hypervisor. It's created automatically as a part of VMware ESX installation.

Jörgen Gustavsson
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Re: Installing VM ESX v4.0 (Urgent)

ESX4 is an operating-system in itself and runs directly on the hardware.
If you want something to run in your old windows2003/2008 you can install the VMWare Server 2.0.

It free and installs and runs as a program/service.
juan quesada
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Re: Installing VM ESX v4.0 (Urgent)

VMWARE ESX is layer 1 virtualization plattform, meaning that it runs on top of the hardware.
if you need a layer 2 virtualizacion plattform, you can use either vmware workstation or vmware server, both of them runs on top of windows 2003/2008