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Installing Win 2003 SBS on a DL320 G5

Alberto Levy
Occasional Contributor

Installing Win 2003 SBS on a DL320 G5

Hi. I have a DL320 G5 bought on June last year. I have read in the HP Business site that the DL320 G5 is compatible with the Windows 2003 SBS Premium and the SBS R2 Premium. I have upgrade the firmware using the last release (8.00). And still using the new StartSmart 7.92, i am unable to install either OS.

There is a way to install a Windows 2003 SBS Premium or R2 version in the DL320 G5 bought on 2007?

Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Installing Win 2003 SBS on a DL320 G5

What exact issue are you having?

If it's about finding the disks, the issue is likely down to your RAID drivers. Note smart start will only do an automated deployment on SmartArray RAID cards. If it's something cheaper (likely in a DL320) you will need to find your driver and make a driver disk.
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing Win 2003 SBS on a DL320 G5


you can't use SmartStart to install the server, if you don't have Smart Array controller in it. If you have the onboard SATA controller, it is better to manually install the OS and use this driver if you have the onboard SATA ctrl :

There are thousand threads about installing OS without floppy...On this server maybe you can check the RBSU and enable "Virtual Install Disk" under Advanced options i think, which will provide the RAID driver during the install.


Occasional Advisor

Re: Installing Win 2003 SBS on a DL320 G5

There's a bug in SmartStart v8 (and apparently all the older versions?) that messes up an SBS 2003 R2 install. It prevents certain registry keys from being created and so will break parts of the SBS 2003 R2 setup wizard. I just figured this out after a lot of trial and error.

I just did a manual install using a USB floppy drive with the right storage drivers.