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Installing a 3.5 in hard drive in media bay of HP ML310 G4 server?

Mark Ryan Miller
Occasional Contributor

Installing a 3.5 in hard drive in media bay of HP ML310 G4 server?

Hello, I'm trying to install two hard drives in the media bays below the CD ROM drive in a ML310 G4 server. This is in addition to the 4 drives that are in the hot swap cage.

I've tried using ordinary 3.5 -> 5.25 hard drive adapters, however, they don't seem very stable. I'm not able to put screws on both sides of the drive bracket, which would make it more stable.

There are holes on the front of these media bays which I thought might allow me to attach some rails to the hard drive bracket and secure it with a screw on the front of the rail. I did notice that these screws are just in the right place to add another hot swap cage, so maybe they are there for that purpose and not for connecting the CDROM etc.

I have tried Googling this, and searched the HP website. I just can't seem to find a good solution. I imagine that this configuration isn't supported. I just wonder what other folks might have tried.

BTW, my experience with this server has sold me on HP. I don't think I'll be buying Dell anymore. It may not be officially supported, but HP servers will work with many non HP parts (drives, processor etc) which is not always the case with Dell. I actually ordered two older ML110 G2 servers on eBay to use in a test lab based on my experience with this ML310.