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Installing a gtx 680 in a proliant g6

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Installing a gtx 680 in a proliant g6

Hi everybody 


I have seen multiple questions about this . I am trying to install a gtx 680 (nvidia ) on the Proliant G6 (ml 350) .  I have the card installed in the proper slot ( slot 11 that is PCI x16 running at x8) . It shows up in the output of lspci so it is detected. The OS I am running is RHEL 6 on the latest kernel . For the server I have the 2015  bios installed but I am not sure how to check the SPP version I tink that may need upgrading . I want to cover all my bases hp updates wise because Im not able to get Xorg runnig at all (after days ) of trying . How do I detec the SPP version so I can know whether I need to install a new one .Aso do I update the SPP serially i.e without skipping versions in  between. I want to so it as safely as possible so as not to mess up the system any further 


Any help regarding this issue will be greatly appreciated. I am not sure I can attach files but I can provide Xorg info and outputs of commands like dmidecode 


Thank you for your time 



Joshua Lobo


Re: Installing a gtx 680 in a proliant g6



SPP is a collection of software/firmware bundles.

You can install few components from a SPP and disregard the rest.

Hence there is no way to check the SPP version installed in a server.


You can run an inventory based on the current SPP against the server and you can tell if you are curent or not.


You may refer to this document:  Using HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) and Software Delivery Repository (SDR).


HP Service Pack for ProLiant FAQs "5. Can I skip SPP versions when updating my environment?"



Thank You!
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