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Installing a second hard disk

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Installing a second hard disk

Good evening everybody,
I need help please.
I have installed a second hard drive to my server HP Proliant ML 330 G3, but the server can't see the hard disk. So how can I make the server sees the second hard drive?.
Thanks in advance!!.
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Re: Installing a second hard disk

Hi luis,

Question is little confusing here...

Please clarify whether you are planning to use the second hard drive for RAID or is it just a data disk?
Would also like to know what is the hard drive that you are phugging in i.e.SCSI, ATA?

Can we also get the information of the controller used?

Also ensure the hard drive is plugged in correctly and also check the cables.

Is the second hard drive detected in the BIOS?

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Re: Installing a second hard disk

Hello Ramesh and thanks for your quick answer.
The second hard drive will be only for data and is a SCII disk.
What do you mean with the controller?. You mean the OS?. If that's what you mean then I'm using Windows server 2003.
I already check the cables and they are ok.
To see the BIOS, what key I need to press, F9, Delete or F10?.