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Integrated Management Log > Internal SAS Enclosure Device Failure

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Integrated Management Log > Internal SAS Enclosure Device Failure

I've had several drives fail the past year, the fourth of eight on this particular server. In 3 of those situations, I would get the above message generated in the Management Log, blinking amber light and as I recall some other messages referencing a failed device.  Those 3 times it 'appeared' obvious (however fishy), the drives failed.  I've replaced them and have not had a repeat occurence in those particular bays.  


This fourth failure did not necessarily translate into flashing amber lights on the server, all HDDs are lit green.


When I pulled up the ACU diagnostic report the only item I've found is this:


Index Device: 7

Position: 2I:1:8 0

Maintenance Flags: Blinking

Status Informational


I'm not certain how to proceed.
There are 8 physical drives using the embedded Smart Array P410i controller:

2x146GB Raid 1

6x300GB Raid 5


I've attached the log.


What other information can I provide?


*EDIT - Apparently I missed a log in the event viewer:


"A drive failure notification has been received for the SAS physical drive located in bay 8.  This drive can be found in box 1 which is connected to port 2I of the array controller P410i [Embedded].  The failure reason received from the HP Smart Array firmware is: REMOVED_IN_HOT_PLUG."


I received 6 other messages from Cisserv stating the array went into different phases, the drive at Bay 8 (the drive in question) was removed, the drive was then inserted, and that the array went from ready to recovery -> recovering --> Ok.


All of these messages occured at the same time except for the final message telling me the array is ok, which occured 30 minutes later.


So I'm guessing the drive lost communications momentarily and came back online and repaired itself?


With the maintenance info, how should I proceed? Replace the drive entirely?