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Integrated Management Log

Sean Callbeck
Occasional Contributor

Integrated Management Log

Compaq DL380 G3, but problem appears on all machines (DL580 G2, DL740, DL360 G3)....running v6.40 of the agents.

We are trying some sample scripts to dump and parse the Integrated Management Log. The Integrated Management Log has events of the following classes:

Power Subsystem
POST Messages
Network Adapter
Operating System (BSOD)
Automatic Server Recovery

1. Is there a comprehensive document about what gets logged in the Integrated Management Log? The 'help' file that comes with it (cpqimlv.hlp) does not come with it.

2. More pressing, is there a way to make Storage Subsystem events be displayed? For example, a physical disk failure on a RAID 5 will cause the web agents to mark the disk as Major (orange) and the SMART Array Controller as Minor (yellow), but no entry is inserted in the Integrated Management Log. I feel that the failure of any hardware component should be logged in the Integrated Management Log. Is there a setting somewhere that I missed?

Please let me know.