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Integrated Matrox G2000

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Integrated Matrox G2000



Can anyone help me with an information related to the Integrated Matrox G2000 video card within the blade servers Gen8 (ie. BL460 Gen8) or DL Gen8 servers (ie. DL380 Gen8): what is the memory of the video card? 8 MB RAM or 16 MB RAM?


Also, it will be very useful for me if you can provide me with a technical document stating the figure.


Thank you a lot!


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Re: Integrated Matrox G2000

Not G2000 but G200.


The HP Quickspecs documents (e.g. this one for BL460c Gen8) do not indicate the video card memory directly, but they do indicate the maximum resolutions supported in the Standard Features section. In this case, 1920x1200 with 16 bits per pixel or 1280 x1024 with 32 bits per pixel.

Calculating the memory requirements for those resolutions, we can know a minimum amount of RAM the display card must have:

1920 * 1200 * 2 bytes (16 bits) = 4500 KiB

1280 * 1024 * 4 bytes (32 bits) = 5120 KiB


So, now we know it must have at least 5 MiB of memory, and since that is not a nice round binary number, 8 MiB would seem more likely.


Unfortunately, Matrox no longer has product details for their 1990s products like G200 on their website. However, the Wikipedia entry on Matrox G200 indicates that 8 MiB was the standard configuration for G200. (see the Overview and the text under the picture).


Back in the day, I used to have a Matrox G200 on my home system, and I can personally confirm that 8 MiB was the standard amount of memory for the G200. It was possible to buy an add-on memory module which would increase the total memory capacity to 16 MiB... however I don't think such an option has ever been available for integrated display cards.

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Integrated Matrox G2000

The G200 is embedded in the iLO chip and shares the same iLO DDR3 memory. Only 16Mb is destinated to video though.

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