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Intel AMT KVM Headless Operation

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Intel AMT KVM Headless Operation

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to the following issue I encountered with my ProLiant ML10 Gen9 server.
The server itself supports the full set of Intel AMT functionalities (Xeon CPU) and it works as expected as long as a monitor is plugged in the DisplayPort.
As soon as the monitor is unplugged, however, the remote KVM goes blank. Connection to the server is unaffected aside from this so I guess that removing the display cable puts the Intel graphics in a power saving state that shuts down the output.

Any of you can offer ideas and/or a solution to this issue? I mean, having to keep a display plugged in at all times somehow defeats the whole idea of a server.

Please note: as there was a well documented vulnerability re. AMT on this server I have already updated both the firmware - to 1.07 - and Intel's ME toolkit - to - via the downloads made available by HPE.

Thanks in advance for your time!