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Intel ProSet causes BSOD on my ML370G3 w/WIN2K3 EE

Dave Conorozzo
Occasional Contributor

Intel ProSet causes BSOD on my ML370G3 w/WIN2K3 EE

When attempting to launch it, uninstall it, upgrade it, anything, it crashes the server.

This used to work, then one day, it didn't. I have another ML370G3 configured almost the same except that it doesn't get any Windows updates or any of the Compaq updates and ProSet still works fine on that one. Intel has been no help on this. They gave me a huge list of things to do to uninstall and re-install, and I went through all of it and it still crashes. They don't answer any of my e-mails now on the subject. I have seen one other post on Google Groups with the same problem.
Marc Carney
Valued Contributor

Re: Intel ProSet causes BSOD on my ML370G3 w/WIN2K3 EE

We had a problem with the ProSet utility some time ago. I cannot remember the model of server but the user complained that the NIC was faulty because a BSOD appeared when teaming settings were changed. He wanted it replacing but I said held back.

I suggested a firmware update first. The user was dubious but the update fixed the problem without replacing any of the hardware that was alleged as faulty.

I suggest you download the new firmware. The firmware maintenance CD is the best way to install it on a single server:


Worth trying this before anything else if you've not tried already.

Good luck

The sheep tell me what I need to know
Dave Conorozzo
Occasional Contributor

Re: Intel ProSet causes BSOD on my ML370G3 w/WIN2K3 EE

I don't really want to do a firmware update. I have 2 other servers with much older firmware and soft packs and they are fine. I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else has seen this the same way and if HP is really to blame.