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Intelligent Networking Pack ?

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Intelligent Networking Pack ?

Hi can i please get some help

We currently have many HP Servers, mainly a mix between two models :

ML 350g4p
DL 360g4p

The ML servers all come with a single nic and we have installed additonal NC 7771 pci gb adaptors in all (around 9)

The DL servers came with two nic as standard.

Our Network switch's are 4 x HP4208 gb switchs.

We have around 200 users on the network who access all the servers as they are a mix of data/apps and exchange.

Currenrtly all the second nics on all the servers are disabled as we never bought the Intelligetn Networking Pack, however i have mangaed to get the IT Manager to buy 1 so we can try it.

So i would like to know exactly what would me best configuration be for setting up the Network cards, pelase bare in mind i have never configrued anything to do with two nics.

Can i please have your thoughts as to which would be my best configuration?

And also exactly how to cofigure it ?


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Re: Intelligent Networking Pack ?


First of all you do not need Intelligent Networking Pack to make use of multiple NICs - you can just use bog-standard NIC teaming.

Intelligent Networking Pack adds some more 'intelligence' to how the multipathing is managed - see attached pdf.

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Re: Intelligent Networking Pack ?

sorry i should have said, yes i know we can use standard teaming but really wanted to know if the features will improve our network as i;m confiused.

Here's what i mean.

Without it we can use the HP network s/w and configure both the nics in a team, so this will give use a 2gb connection and if one was to fail the netword will continue to work on a 1gb connection.

What can the pack offer ?

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Re: Intelligent Networking Pack ?

Did you have a look at attached pdf? It speaks for itself (almost).

Basically INP is aimed at multi-tier environment:
"- NIC with the most efficient
traffic route is designated as
the primary NIC
- Dynamically responds to infrastructure changes beyond first tier of switches"

In plain English it optimises the route accross your LAN - so it's beneficial if you have more than one route to choose.

For another scenario have a look at 2nd slide attached to this post.

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Re: Intelligent Networking Pack ?

I recommend using Active Path or Router Path.

If you use HSRP or VRRP in your network, then choose Router Path, then choose either HSRP or VRRP, and then input the IP address of your router (virtual HSRP/VRRP router address).

If you don't use HSRP or VRRP, choose Active Path. Choose Community ARP. For Echo Node IP addres, put your router IP address. For Community IP address, choose any unused IP address on your network (be sure to exclude it from your DHCP scope).

For more information, see the whitepaper link below. I provided configuration examples in the whitepaper along with best practices.

I haven't updated it to include Router Path information yet.

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