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Intelligent Provisioning 1.60 breaks 2008 R2 install (will not accept product key during setup)

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Re: Workaround


It's Urgent so please help me out.


For the past 8-9 hours I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with this hardware & OS. I'll go mad... now. I've to install quite a few servers from scratch and even setup Exchange 2013. I thought the hardware is new and it shouldn't raise much of a concern. All the love I had for Proliant & HP seems to be going down the lane.


My Situation:

I unpacked new servers from the box Dl380p Gen8  and wanted to install Win Svr 2012 R2 Std Edn. I usually check for firmware/drivers first but this time since servers are new I thought to start the install directly.

I went the normal way through F10 and while installing (almost near end) it starts to throw an error. A very strange error related to unattended.... I thought DVD was not burnt correctly & burnt the a new one. Again same error.


Read few blogs and found out that the drivers for Windows Server 2012 R2 were not shipped in earlier Intelligent Provisioning version because they were not tested and released successfully. So I followed the steps to download the IP version 1.6 & making bootable USB key to upgrade and after that when I press F10 and proceed the installation runs a horse in a meadow. The sad part is once it completes it ejects the DVD and reboots the server. After reboot it updates few drivers (cmd appears) and once again WIndows EULA page appears. I thought maybe in the newer version we have to accept the license again so I accepted and went somewhere.

When I came back & saw the OS had been installed again and I could see two WIndows Directories in C:\ namely [c:\windows\ & c:\windows.old] which clearly shows the OS installation is not neat.


Further, to solve this problem, I was reading blogs and came across this one where it says downgrade the IP  version to 1.5.


ANyways, please give me steps in order and simple ones please.


In this Q&A I read someone telling that he modified unattend file & it worked like a charm. Where is that file located & in which apps - OS DVD or HP IP DVD or something else. Please give detailed steps.


Also, I thought about this way which was already posted on some site too.


1. Boot server & press F5, configure smart array controller.

2. Boot from OS DVD and install OS normally by selecting the drives.

3. Later update the OS firmware/drivers using the HP SPP DVD. Please tell me which is the latest version to be used for Windows Server 2012 R2 OS and what is the correct name/version. (provide me download link so that it becomes easy).

It also says, download storage drivers and provide them when asked for install. please tell me if this way is the correct one.



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Re: Workaround



Besides trying all the mentioned things above, you could also install the server by inserting directly the Windows DVD and not using Intelligent Provisioning but booting fro, the Windows DVD directly and install Windows like that.

Off course after the installation you should run the SPP Service Pack for Proliant to be sure you have all HP drivers, agents and apps installed...





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Re: Workaround

@Giancarlo Zicchieri wrote:



I solved the issue modifying with notepad the file c:\autounattend.xml

When it appears the command prompt digit notepad c:\autounattend.xml

You have to search the string <ProductKey> and below this insert a new line that contains the string


You don't have to insert a code, only the tags.

Save the file and relaunch manually the command X:\Windows\Hpssbem.exe again

The installation will end fine.



Hi all,

I got the same problem with HP IP 1.60. Added <Key> string as you wrote, and SETUP continues normally, BUT - DRIVERS WERE NOT INSTALLED as if I installed that all things MANUALLY. Then I downgraded IP to 1.50, and Windows Server 2008 and all drivers were installed normally.

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Re: Workaround

This works perfectly for me.


Thank you so much!



george sterle
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Re: Intelligent Provisioning 1.60 breaks 2008 R2 install (will not accept product key during setup)

Thank you Giancarlo Zicchieri your solution solved my problem.   Following your instructions on editing the autounattend.xml file for a dos prompt  did the trick.   I am interested on how you found such a solution.


Thanks you saved me big time!



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Re: Workaround

Great this work for me.

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Re: Workaround

Hello Giancarlo Zicchieri,


Thanks a lot. You save me a lot of time. Your workaround works for me on HP Proliant DL360p Gen8




Raymond TODO

Lynette Lauman
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Re: Workaround

Worked GREAT for me...  What a life saver!!

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Re: Workaround

This worked for us.

Thank you.
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Re: Workaround

I downloaded 1.60b. The issue is still present, but the workaround also worked for me. Thanks! 

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Re: Intelligent Provisioning 1.60 breaks 2008 R2 install (will not accept product key during setup)

Thanks for the link! It worked for me!!
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Re: Workaround

Giancarlo Zicchieri . Your post work for me. Thank you share.
Josh Castillo
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Re: Intelligent Provisioning 1.60 breaks 2008 R2 install (will not accept product key during setup)

This has been fixed in IP 1.61 but I was beating my head against my desk for half a day on this issue also.


Thanks for the workaround and letting me know that downgrading to 1.50 would fix it also. Downgrading was my next step if 1.61 didn't fix the issue.

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Re: Intelligent Provisioning 1.60 breaks 2008 R2 install (will not accept product key during setup)

Great fix,  pity it's still in there (the bug imho) with the latest supportpack.......  (?)


Re: Workaround

Hi, Giancarlo Zicchieri's workaround did the trick for me too :)


I was about to do a vanilla Windows install without IP and then use SPP to install/update all the drivers, but I didn't have to.


I'd also like to thank HP for the day and a half I've just wasted trying to get Windows installed via IP  v1.6. Not only is my project now running over time but I can't very well bill the customer for this wasted time.



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Re: Workaround

Giancarlo Zicchieri thank you for your post! Great solution.

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Re: Workaround

Hi Giancarlo,

Your solution quick and to the point. Thanks for the support.

Robert Liljegren
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Re: Workaround

If anyone from HP monitors this site, the problem appears to be that IP does not pass the argument of which version of teh OS is to be installed.  Regrardless, the first instance in the list, 2008 R2 Standard Edition is installed and only that product key will work.  I'm using version 1.61.45.

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Re: Workaround

Giancarlo Zicchieri !!! Awesome! Thank you!

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Re: Workaround

Giancarlo, Thanks, is the best solution.



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Re: Workaround

Thank you Giancarlo, your solution works like a charm for me too.

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Re: Workaround

Great workaround!

Thank you - I was about to go postal!

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Re: Workaround

Thank you Giancarlo, this workaroud worked for me as well.

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Re: Workaround

Hi Workaround, 


     Thanks you for your manual. I maked follow that and my issuse has fixed.

     Thanks so much. Have nice day..