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Intelligent Provisioning Firmware Update times out

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Intelligent Provisioning Firmware Update times out

Hi all,

I can't ge a firmware update to install ona  new ML110 G10 server:

From the iLO console, selecting Intelligent Provisioning and clicking Always On, a firmware update notification appears. Clicking to accept the notification offers a firmware update. After starting the update the scroll bar indicates "downloading firmware list" then "Downloading GPE-3.10-11.x86_64.rpm... 21%"

The download does not complete and eventually displays "RequestError: Error: ETIMEDOUT...0%" (pics attached)

During the download, double clicking the download bar shows:

Intelligent Provisioning Images for Manufacturing
v3.10 ( Installed Version 3.00 )
GPE-3.10-11.x86_64.rpm   (this has a rotating cog icon)

I've tried resetting the iLO but no change. The iLO ip is set using DHCP.

I've tried to enter a support case several times but keep getting a service not available error message.



Re: Intelligent Provisioning Firmware Update times out

Hi, DaveyMG 

 For update the Intelligent Provisioning you need make this sequence

Try again



FabioC1 - HPE Pro

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Re: Intelligent Provisioning Firmware Update times out

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for your reply.  Unless you'e referring to the manual download process described in that article, I have been following the same steps to update the Inteligent Provisioning images. After starting the update I see that a download is started from to the server nic ip. I have a slow internet connection so after about 10 minutes it has downloaded about 350MB then it stops and gives the time out error. It seems the timeout value is too short. I will have to try downloading the SPP package manually.