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Intelligent provisioning update

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Intelligent provisioning update


i have a DL160 server and i am trying to install ESXi6.5.

RAID1 is configured but when i try to install ESXI it seems that the RAID configuration is not recognized and it shows two disks.

so we are trying to upfate the intelligent provisioning version from 2.5 to 2.7.

After booting from the ISO image made using RUFUS it shows the error "error flashing the NVRAM Please try again"

what could be causing the problem ? and would updating the intelligent provisioning version resolve the RAID configuration issue when installing ESXI 6.5 ?

thank you in advance

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Re: Intelligent provisioning update

I have the same issue with DL360 Gen10 ... any update solution ?

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Re: Intelligent provisioning update

I would say you need to check with md5sum that you got a good ISO.

Why you dont try to update from Ilo Remote Console/ Virtual media? Load the ISO and Boot from there.



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Re: Intelligent provisioning update

RUFUS may fail to create it. Use the HPE key creation utility!


You will find it inside the ISO in "usb".

Hope this helps!

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