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Intermittent connectivity issues

lisa bitto
Occasional Contributor

Intermittent connectivity issues

Experiencing intermittent connectivity issues to my SBS2003 server - and they
are getting more frequent. Posting in Server forum to start. Here's the setup:

SBS2003 Standard SP2 with all current updates running on HP ML110 server; 4 onsite PCs; 3 used by onsite
staff primarily for email, internet, local apps (i.e. - Quickbooks). 1 used by remote user via RWW.

Avaya One-X VOIP phone system (Gateway and 4 sets)

DSL router/modem connects into a Netgear POE switch. This has 4 ports with
power used for the phones. It also has 4 standard ethernet ports. The Avaya
Gateway for the phone system is plugged into one of the standard ports.
There is another 4 port switch hanging off the Netgear that has printers on

In each of the 4 offices, the PC plugs into the Avaya phone, which is then
plugged into the wall jack connecting to a POE port on the Netgear switch.
Other than that, the Avaya system is independent of SBS.

Connections drop/restore throughout the day using various methods. Happens
with RWW (VBScript: remote desktop disconnected), VPN (connection to Small
Business Server lost), or Outlook (either remote client using RPC, or onsite

Also have been dropping phone calls. DSL carrier sees no errors on the line
or modem.

No errors on the server.

Based on threads I’ve found on Microsoft, I have updated NIC driver, verified (and even changed) the Ethernet cable and moved server to the DSL router instead of the Netgear switch. I also separated one of the PC and phones, so the PC is now plugged into a wall jack/port separate from the phone.

After these changes, no better. I had 2 PCs connected remotely (one using Outlook/Exhange via RPC and the other RWW to a client PC). Dropped both connections. Also tried connecting via RWW but into Outlook Web access instead of logging on to a client or the server. In that case, when my Outlook/Exchange connection dropped on the one PC, the other one logged into OWA hung for a second, but did not drop completely.

While I was onsite, one client randomly lost his Outlook/Exchange connection and his file shares. I did a successful ping to the server, and from the server to his PC. I could also access the internet from his PC without a problem, but no company intranet or shares. I logged on to another PC and connected to everything fine. By the time I went
back to his PC, all was connected again.

I’m thinking internal vs. external issue and not sure it is a networking issue. I also run Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0 and disabled Network Threat Protection on the server based on an old post. No change.

Really need help on this one – not sure what to try next or where to look.
lisa bitto
Occasional Contributor

Re: Intermittent connectivity issues

No response - closing post