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Intregrated Array Controller Replacement

Mike Stakenas
Occasional Contributor

Intregrated Array Controller Replacement

I have a Proliant ML370 (600 MHz) with an integrated array controller. The system continues to ASR at random intervals, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few months. It has done this with two separate loads of NT 4. We are beginning to suspect the integrated array controller and would like to swap it out with a Smart-221 controller for testing purposes. The system has a raid 1 logical drive. When removing the chip for the integrated controller and replacing it with the 221, will the array configuration be maintained? Does Compaq/HP have documentation for replacing the integrated controllers with a PCI array controller?
Dave Martin_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Intregrated Array Controller Replacement

There was a previous article on this here:,,0x5c20b941255cd71190080090279cd0f9,00.html

You might want to contact HP Services for some confirmation before trying though.

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Intregrated Array Controller Replacement


Yes, you can swap a 221 for the embedded array controller.

In order to replace the controller, you'll need to make sure it is recognized in NT first.

With the drives still connected to the embedded controller, install the 221 into a slot and boot up. Run the system configuration utility to recognize the new card and keep the embedded controller as the boot controller.

Then boot into NT and run the CSP from download or SmartStart to install the driver for the 221 controller in NT.

Once this is done, you can down the server and move the drives from the embedded controller to the 221 by changing the scsi cable connection.

Run system configuration to set the 221 as boot controller and boot back up into NT.

You can also remove the embedded array controller chip from the systemboard at this point if you choose.


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Mike Stakenas
Occasional Contributor

Re: Intregrated Array Controller Replacement

Thank you very much for the information.