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Introduction to HP Servers

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Introduction to HP Servers


I work with a non-profit government body (Local Council) and we have just received on donation some used HP ProLiant servers for community use, with no support cds. My background is Dell, so I would need some help to get acquainted with the ProLiant as follows:

Offline Firmware Updates

From where can I download firmware update isos for:

  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 1u Server
  • HP ProLiant DL185 G5 Storage Server

Network Management

Is there something in the lines of Dell’s iDRAC or OpenManage for the HP that can be installed on admin pcs.


Is it possible to flash the HP ProLiant DL185 G5 Storage Server to a proper server. On Dell PowerVaults this was possible by flashing an image of a corresponding server e.g NX3000 to a r710.

Appreciate all the help

With best regards