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Invisible iLO on GL360

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Invisible iLO on GL360

I have two GL360s set up in the same manner with Server 2003. Both have static addresses on their iLO and their normal NICs and have been working for a while.
However checking one of them I have found that the iLO is not present on the network, either on its proper static address or on any DHCP addresses in the VLAN it is connected too. It also does not appear on the network under either its correct or default names.
Checking on the server the iLO driver shows in Device Manager as a Multifunction Adaptor but nowhere else AFAIK. (I'm not sure whether it should)
Luckily the server is local to me so I have tried to check the iLO settings by rebooting the server and pressing F8 but the iLO function seems to be missing in the boot.

Anyone have any ideas? Is it likely to be a hardware failure or a firmware reload or something else?

Oleg Koroz
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Re: Invisible iLO on GL360

Take a look at system Maintenance switch box for iLO Override Settings (enable it)
If Ilo configured in some system you won't see it from POST

See if that will make difference, also clear NVRAM
However you might having just faulty iLO
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Re: Invisible iLO on GL360


Try to clear the CMOS first by setting switch 6 on the maintenence switch (See the inside of the top cover).

If this fails and it is a DL360G2 server and you still don't get the ILO details presented at POST, log a call with HP and get the system board replaced. The Spare partnumber is 252355-001.#