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Is a 'Riser Cage' needed ??

Kai Barrington
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Is a 'Riser Cage' needed ??


I have a DL385G5p (470065-036) and I need to have two P400 controllers installed (507808-B21) and a HBA card (AE312A).

The HP configurator says you don't need a riser cage but when looking inside the sever there don't look to be enough available PCI slots. Can someone let me know if I need a riser cage and what part number would suit my current build requirement.

Many thanks

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Re: Is a 'Riser Cage' needed ??


Well if you've looked inside then you've probably answered your own question. However, the 470065-036 system *should* have had the standard 3-slot riser.

The 3 options you listed are all PCI-e so you'll need at least a riser to support these.

You may want to verify your system parts here:

According to the quickspecs:
Expansion Slots

Non-Hot Plug PCI riser board slot definitions
Primary Secondary PCIe riser slot description PCIe x16 riser slot description PCIe/PCI-X riser slot description
Slot form factor Slot form factor
1 - FL/FH 4 - FL/FH PCIe x16
(8,4,1) PCIe x16
(16,8,4,1) PCI-X 64bit/133MHz
2 - HL/FH 5 - LP PCIe x8 (4,1) PCIe x16
3 - HL/FH 6 - LP PCIe x8 (4,1) PCIe x8 (4,1)
NOTE: "Primary" denotes the riser cards are installed in the primary riser connector.
NOTE: "Secondary" denotes the riser cards are installed in the secondary riser connector.
NOTE: FL/FH denotes full-length, full-height. HL/FH denotes half-length, full height. LP denotes lower profile.
NOTE: The PCIe x16 riser supports a maximum power of 225W with an HP power cable. The HP power cable must be used for PCIe card wattages greater than 75W.
****NOTE: The System Standard Configuration in this server comes with the following three PCI-Express Slots: (1) FH x8 PCI-Express slots; (2) FH x4 PCI express slots (BTO models only - 1 slot consumed by P400 controller*****

Riser options:

Riser Cage Options
HP DL385G5p (1) x8, (2) x4 PCI-E riser kit 500580-B21
HP DL385G5p PCI-X riser kit ((1) PCI-X, (1) x8, (1) x4) 494322-B21
HP DL385G5p 1 x16 PCI-E riser kit 494323-B21

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Re: Is a 'Riser Cage' needed ??

you dont need to riser cage .you need 3 slot and it have enough slot . for more inforamation read in HP Product Bulletin