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Issue on Hardware RAID

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Issue on Hardware RAID

I have some queries regarding Hardware RAID.
The hardware is Proliant DL380 and OS is Redhat linux 5 update 1.
There are two disks of the size 72GB. I want to boot the server with the second disk by removing first one. when I tried Its not detecting as boot disk. By pressing F8(while booting) I can it is RAID 1 and having 2 physical device of 72 Gb and status is ok.

How to make second disk as bootable?

Thanks In Advance..
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Re: Issue on Hardware RAID

If you are using raid one on a Smart Array controller you should be able to boot from both disks. Although you will get an error/warning message during boottime and will have to press a function key to continue booting.
Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: Issue on Hardware RAID

RAID 1 means just mirroring , in any system it must be very match with each other. and automatically must be boot with no problem as far as I know.
The very simple recommendation , power down system replace first one, and put the second one the first one's slot and power up ? is it working now ?
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Re: Issue on Hardware RAID

I understand that it's a lun from a storage and it's mirrored. In such case, ur secondary disk is just for the backup may be, not as a bootdisk :( poor administration.

Check more on OS side about the boot meedia/disk etc.... probly u can compare the setup with other OS where it works.

Good luck dude
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Re: Issue on Hardware RAID

Given that you got a Smart Array Controler.
And a healthy RAID 1.
And the Smart Array is set as boot controller.

You can power down server.
Remove any of the two disks, and it will boot on the other disk.

You will be prompted, that a disk i s missing
Press F1 to diable array (This will disable)
Press F2 to continue in iminent rcovery (The RAID remain active, and will start a rebuild when a disk is insertet)
If you don't press anything it will default F2 :)

There is one thing that you can't do.
That is. If you power down the server.
Remove disk 0.
Then move disk 1 into disk 0's posistion.
That will not work.