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Issue with SP1 upgrade

Shijimol A.K
Occasional Contributor

Issue with SP1 upgrade

We are unable to upgrade our HP DL360 server to windows 2003 SP1. even after doing the upgrade the server is still shown as windows 2003.After the upgrade the server was rebooted but lost network connectivity after the server was up.When we checked in the event log, the following errors were found

Source Category Event

NIC Agents Service 1285
CPQCISSE None 24800
CPQCISSE None 24597
cpqcissm None 117,9
disk None 11
Storage Agents Events 1202

Could this denote an issue with the server hardware. Please advise
Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Issue with SP1 upgrade

What HP Product Support Pack are you using? If it's anything but 7.9, I would start by upgrading.

Why are you applying SP1? Windows 2003 SP2 has been out for some time.
Shijimol A.K
Occasional Contributor

Re: Issue with SP1 upgrade

We have upgraded the HP support pack to latest version.Still the issue persists

The server came up and was in network for a while .After that it lost network connectivity

Can anyone please advise on how to proceed