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Issues preboot/Updating Firmware

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Issues preboot/Updating Firmware

Hello Everyone!


So, I was recently given an old HP Proliant DL380 Gen 7 server and was pretty pumped to start using it for testing purposes. However, when I turned it on it took 17 minutes to start POSTing. That's 17 minutes with an all black monitor just waiting for it to start. That wasn't going to do, so the first thing I tried was wiping the drives, but to no avail. The next thing I was going to try was updating the firmware using SPP-2019.09.0, the date on the BIOS was from 2011 so I figured it could use it. However, when I try to run the update I get this screen in response: IMG_0227.jpg

 (Sorry it's sideways, it's not like that on my computer, I'm not sure why it did that.)


Any idea what it means and how I should fix it?



Jared Keyes


Re: Issues preboot/Updating Firmware


Latest SPP version 2019.09 is not supported on G7 server, you need to use SPP version G7.1 ,

You can download from following link:


The 2017.04.0 SPP is the last production SPP which contain components for the G7 server platforms.






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