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Issues to install OS

J.J. Valstar
Occasional Contributor

Issues to install OS


I had bougth my HP Proliant M310e Gen 8 V2 two  years ago but due to curcumstancies I was not ablle to try to install the OS.


Now, I have the time but I'm out of warranty and my BIOS is old and not able to update because I'm aout of warranty.

Also F9 (HP Smart Storage manager) does not work, only when I boot from DVD with the latest manager on it I can start.. 

F10 does not work either,.

When I put the controller in AHCI mode during the install of Windows Server 2016 it does not see the 4 drives that I have in my system.

I also updated later the BIOS to use RAID and stated the Storage Manager from DVD and assign a array, also this array was not shown in the setup of Windows server 2016.


So, i have 3 issues:


1.  F9  HP Smart Storage Manager does noet work (embedded, works from DVD)

2. F10  Intelligent Provisiong does not work.

3. Can install Windows Server 2016 (used also the HP Dynamic Smart Array Accelerator Manager and the HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i SATA Raid Controller.  (both without success).

4. Can not upgrade BIOS and ILO to the latest release for this server board.

Please, can someone help me further???


Waiting at your feedback.



 Johan Valstar