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Issues with DL180/se G6

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Issues with DL180/se G6


I am trying to work on an HP DL180se G6 that has been giving me issues (at least that is what version of proliant I was told I have).  I am constantly getting BMC errors during POST.  It always says the BMC versions are NULL.  Everything I've read says to update FW, and to update the Lights-Out first.  So I download and update the Lights-Out FW and it successfully updates the BMC, the POST screen also indicates that there is a version loading now.  Once the machine cycles power, the BMC FW version goes back to NULL and it has problems initializing, requiring me to update the BMC FW again. 

The next step was to try and update the BIOS (installed version is 3/20/2012).  The only BIOS image I can find for the DL180se G6 is on the DL180 G6 support site.  The AFUDOS program is telling me I am using the wrong version to attempt an update.  Can anyone confirm that the DL180 G6 BIOS image can be used on the DL180se G6?  If not, where can I get an image for the DL180se?

Or, is there something else wrong with my proliant server that is causing the BMC to not initialize each boot?  The RAID card that was in it was a p410(?), I removed it for a different controller that allows HBA.  Could this be causing the issues?



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Re: Issues with DL180/se G6

Did you ever figure this out?