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Issues with ML350 G4 W2k Server

Occasional Advisor

Issues with ML350 G4 W2k Server

Good Day.

Just inherited a server HP Proliant ML350 G4 with W2kSvr on a SCSI drive but it is internal they didn't use the Built-in 6 drive cage on the front of the server.
Question is: Can I get a SmartArray put it on the server, take the internal HD put it in an Enclosure then into Slot 0 of the Built-in cage and it will have to boot just fine. Can this be done? Then get a new HD so I can finally create the mirror.

The thing is it has AD and SQL Server DBs on it and it is the only Hard Drive on the server. So I would not like to do a Clean Install.

Thanks a lot.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Issues with ML350 G4 W2k Server

Hi Max,

Refer this quick specs which would tell you what are the supported Smart array controllers and hot-plug hard drives on this server.


Now, what kind of internal HD is that?
An IDE, NHP or a hot-plug hard drive? Any part number for the hard drive?

I would suggest to take a backup of the existing hard drive before you proceed with any changes with this hard drive since there is only one hard drive with data.

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Re: Issues with ML350 G4 W2k Server

Thanks for your help.
A HP SCSI hard drive. So I thought I'll get an enclosure put the hard drive there and hope it boots once it is in the Cage.
Can it be done ?
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Re: Issues with ML350 G4 W2k Server

Unfortunatly It can't be done, hot plug HDD's have different FW and a lot of other things so HP doesn't sell the carrier the best way would be a back up and then create an array with your new Smart Array Controller and new HDD's, from there it would be to restore from back up
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Re: Issues with ML350 G4 W2k Server

So I will have to install W2kSvr, AD and SQL like brand new?