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Its not working...ProLiant 3000 w/Smart Array 4200 install from scratch...

Anthony Soprano
Occasional Contributor

Its not working...ProLiant 3000 w/Smart Array 4200 install from scratch...

What I'm trying to do: Install Windows Server 2003. Current array as no OS on it.

I tried following P.Sharma's recommendation of the web site:

I am getting 1785 error code.

1785-Drive Array Not Configured (no $hit)

So I ran the erase utility, ran the config utility, and then went to on to the ACU. I tried both A and B versions of v1.20 with no success---gives me this:

"The Compaq Array Configuration Utility could not detect any Array Controllers in the system...."

Per the Sys Config Utility, the Smart Array 4200 was the (can't remember exact way it stated) primary or booting Controller.

Where should I go from here? Any way to read the flashing green,blue, and amber colored lights on the actual controller board?



Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Its not working...ProLiant 3000 w/Smart Array 4200 install from scratch...

Hi Ed,

This might help you. If you want you can try this.

Starting the System Configuration Utility
Place the Compaq SmartStart and Support Software CD in the server CD-ROM drive. Or, Place the System Configuration Utility diskette 1 in the server floppy drive.
Reboot the server. During the boot process, several messages appear. Among these are a notice that a Smart Array 4200 controller was detected in an option slot, and a recommendation to run the System Configuration Utility.
Press F1 to resume booting, if prompted.
If using the Compaq SmartStart and Support Software CD, select Run the System Configuration Utility from the Main Menu screen.
If given a choice of Auto Configuration, choose Yes. The system loads configuration files for all detected devices.
In the Configuration Complete screen, choose Review or Modify Hardware Settings.
At the next screen, Steps In Configuring Your Computer, select Step 3: View or Edit Details.
Set the Smart Array 4200 configuration parameters at the View Or Edit Details screen.
Scroll down to the option slot for the Smart Array 4200 and edit each parameter according to the following configuration information.
Top of page
Configuring the Controller
The steps in this section include editing Controller Order and Online Recovery Server Status parameters. To make the correct selections, the parameters are discussed below.
Controller Order
Select the order in which the Smart Array 4200 is to be recognized. All hard disk controllers, including the integrated SCSI controller, if present on the system board, must be assigned a unique order number.
First - The primary disk controller that contains the boot disk. The first disk drive on this controller is the one the server will boot from.
Second - The second disk controller.
Fifteenth - The fifteenth disk controller.
When installing a Smart Array 4200, determine if the boot disk is to be handled by the Smart Array 4200, by another SMART controller, or by the integrated SCSI controller.
If the Smart Array 4200 will be the primary controller, choose First; a Configuration Changes screen appears indicating that if accepting this change the other SCSI controller will be changed automatically to Second. Press Enter to accept these changes.
If the integrated SCSI controller is to be something other than Second, scroll (usually down) to the Embedded Compaq Integrated Controller and set the Controller Order manually.
When installing a Smart Array 4200 in a system with an existing array controller, the new controller can be placed at the end of the controller order or the controllers can be reordered.
Reordering changes the current drive letter assignments for all drives on the system. To avoid changing the drive letter assignments, place the new controller at the end of the controller order.
IMPORTANT: Do not create a primary partition on any of the added disks.
Online Recovery Server Status
This function is not supported by the Smart Array 4200. It is selectable only in Advanced Features (Ctrl+A at the main menu) and must be left Disabled.
Configuration Steps
Edit the parameters for:
Controller Order
Under Advanced Features:
Online Recovery Server Status
Press Enter to select the parameter to edit.
Review and edit the controller characteristics of all other array controllers in the View or Edit Details screen.
Press F10 when finished editing.
Select Step 5: Save and Exit at the Steps in Configuring Your Computer screen.
Choose Save the Configuration and restart the computer at the Save and Exit screen.
Press Enter at the Reboot screen.
Remove the CD or System Configuration diskette and verify that the server boots normally without POST errors.
System hardware configuration is complete.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Anthony Soprano
Occasional Contributor

Re: Its not working...ProLiant 3000 w/Smart Array 4200 install from scratch...

Well I followed that procedure. Rebooted, and put in ACU 1.20. Still getting the same "Array Config Utility Error Message"
Says it could not detect any Array Controllers in the system even though the System Config utility detected it.

My suspicion is that I am not using the correct version of ACU. Again, I am using 1.20b because I believe its the only one I can boot from and use in DOS. The SA 4200 Manual says to use a "version 2.30".

I ordered SmartStart cd's off of eBay for $9 w/shipping. Hopefully I can used those!

Otherwise, any other recommendations for ACU?


Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Its not working...ProLiant 3000 w/Smart Array 4200 install from scratch...

Hi Ed,

your suspicion is correct. ACU 1.20 is VERY old, and it won't detect a Smart 4200 Controller, as you've found out. Do you know which version of SmartStart you ordered? Versions 6.00 and higher won't work in a ProLiant 3000. You'll need 5.50.
I posted a similar answer to another thread if you want to have a look:

Good luck.
Anthony Soprano
Occasional Contributor

Re: Its not working...ProLiant 3000 w/Smart Array 4200 install from scratch...

oh joy...just wasted $10.00 then. Anyone want to trade me a copy of 6.30 for the older 5.x? lol