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Japanese User

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Japanese User

Japanese is made into English to the translation site. Although a defect may be in grammar or the contents, please forgive in that case.
I have six PL380 G3. Four sets stopped in the error of 0x000044 in three weeks among those.
I checked the information on this site and asked hp support team.The following replies were obtained.

phenomenon :
the blues screen of Stop:0x00000044 generates in cpqasm2.sys and cpqhlth.dll.

ProLiant DL380 G3 and ProLaint ML370 G3

OS :
Windows 2000???Service Pack 3

Software :
Compaq Management Agent 6.20

Cause :
About a detailed cause, although it is a situation with many points unknown now still, it is thought that it is what is depended on the fault of Compaq Management Agent.

1.The "Comapq management agent" of a control panel is opened.
2."System information" is deleted from "an effective agent."

Note : It is provisional solution.
Note : When this setup is performed, status disappears in part in "Insight Manager." Therefore, it is necessary to supervise the status of a server using a "Compaq INTEGURETEDDO management log viewer" etc.

Probably, I think that it is escalating to the higher rank organization.

? ??_8
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Re: Japanese User

I am sorry. Since it was going to make the mistake in performing "reply" and it was registered, please cancel this message.