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Jumbo Frame 9014 mtu radial button

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Jumbo Frame 9014 mtu radial button

Does anyone know if the radial button for Jumbo Frames in the HP Networking Configuration Utility under Advanced settings, Frame size, includes the header? I would assume that if the three settings are 1514, 4088 and 9014, that the answer is yes. I guess I just need a sanity check.
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Re: Jumbo Frame 9014 mtu radial button

hi Robert

I'm a little new at that but check this (I mean header)

"Maximum frame size (jumbo frames)
HP ProLiant Network Adapter Teaming supports the advanced feature Maximum Frame Size (Jumbo Frames)
when supported by all teamed ports in the same team. This feature allows teamed ports to increase maximum frame size for TCP/IP packets transmitted and received in order to improve performance. If all teamed ports in the same team support jumbo frames, the feature is promoted to the teamâ s Advanced Settings tab with the lowest size configured for the team members. For example, if there are two adapters, one configured for 4088 bytes and the other for 9014 bytes, and they are teamed, the Maximum Frame Size feature is set to 4088 bytes. A setting of 1514 bytes is equal to Jumbo Frames being disabled. Maximum Frame Size greater than 1514 is equal to Jumbo Frames being enabled. Jumbo Frames are supported on NC Series gigabit adapters only. In addition, the specified Maximum Frame Size in HP ProLiant Network Adapter Teaming does not include the four-byte Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) portion of an Ethernet frame. Some switch settings do include the CRC portion in their Jumbo Frame Size configuration. Therefore, it may be necessary to increase the switchâ s Jumbo
Frame Size setting by four bytes in order for Jumbo Frames to work correctly.


"Maximum Frame Size. Specifies the maximum number of bytes in a single packet. Larger frames can increase throughput and decrease CPU use by putting more data in each packet, thereby sending out fewer packets. This is equivalent to Jumbo Frames and must comply with switch limitations.

> Default = 1514 Bytes
-> Range
NC310F and NC61xx: 1514 Bytes; 4088 Bytes; 9014 Bytes; 16128 Bytes
NC110x, NC340x, NC360x, NC364x, and NC71xx: 1514 Bytes; 4088 Bytes; 9014 Byte"

forgive if that does not help

I will continue doing more research Ok

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!