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Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor


Can you advise me on 'daisy chaining' 8 port KVM switch boxes?
we use one as the 'master' and connect the output from 2 'slaves' to ports one and two of the master and then go into setup on the master and configure ports one and two as having 8 port switches attached. Is this correct configuration? Because the switches seem very troublesome. When I press print screen I get a list of ports and all are green indicating that servers are attached to all ports which they are as we have DL360 servers attached to every port. But when I arrow down to select a server I just get a blank screen and all I can do to is a cold reboot of that server then all is fine for a while. The servers have a mixture of NT 4.0, 2000 & nt 4.0 TSE. please help....................
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor


Connect one of the computer ports on the master/primary switchbox to the Keyboard Monitor Mouse physical port on the secondary/slave switchbox - sounds like this part is complete.

On the master/primary switchbox change the device type for the port you are using to indicate what type your secondary/slave switchbox is 4-port or 8-port

When Tiering the KVM switchboxes, the slave switchbox needs to be set to PORT for Display order: Switch to one of the machines on the Tiered switchbox. Press PrtScr twice. This will bring you to the Main menu box for the second switchbox.
Select Setup then Menu, then Port.

You will also want to disable to flag option on the secondary/slave switch.
Printscrn twice to get to the 2nd switch then select Setup then Flag and deselect the Displayed option