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Keyboard/Mouse Trouble On Boot

Mike Kelly_3
Occasional Visitor

Keyboard/Mouse Trouble On Boot

New DL380 G3 1P - 2.80. 6GB RAM
When booting, the keyboard is not functional. Can not use F8 or others. It IS attached to a Raritan KVM switch. When I attach an external KB to the server, works fine, however, keys are not typing correctly in Smart Start ("M" key types as "." etc..). Both keyboards are verified good.

I have several of these servers and no others are having this problem, however, have had a similar problem where when Windows boots, as soon as I touch a key on the KB, both the mouse and KB stop working. System is still operational - can VNC to it with mouse and kb. To solve, removed mouse from dev. mgr. and let windows find it again. Works great now.

Please help!
Victor Pendlebury
Valued Contributor

Re: Keyboard/Mouse Trouble On Boot


As a work around, try to disable Ilo if possible and wait for the next firmware release

I have seen similar problems

Honored Contributor

Re: Keyboard/Mouse Trouble On Boot

Are you running the latest Ilo FW?

Mike Kelly_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: Keyboard/Mouse Trouble On Boot

Problem Solved!
I tried both a BIOS update, and the iLo firmware update, both to no avail. I then called Raritan, the switch manufacturer fro help.

Turns out it is a known problem with Compaq/HP servers where the iLo interferes with the PS/2 scan settings making the PS/2 ports unreadable by the KVM switch. Raritan exteneded the warranty to 2 years for those with these switches, however I am out of warranty anyway. They have corrected the problem in newer versions of the switch (if you are in warranty they will replace it). If you are out of warranty there are 2 options - 1. Disable iLo (this worked for me), or 2. Purchase a module that corrects the problem for about $35. It goes between the server and PS/2 cables of the switch.

Thank you for your help.

Mike Kelly