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Kingston E50 problem

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Kingston E50 problem

Hi Guys,

Ive got a Kingston E50 SSD connected into my Gen8 Server via a Gen8 drive carrier and the hotswap bay.


Works ok and detects temperature correctly etc.

However, the big problem is that the drive activity led is CONSTANTLY spinning.

Nothing wrong with the carrier, if the drive is swapped the LED behaves as normal.

Anyone ever had this before? What on earth could cause the activity LED to be constantly spinning when there is no activity?




Re: Kingston E50 problem



Make sure that this drive is compatible with the server.

Some drives may require Firmware update to get this fixed.


Refer to these articles 1 and 2 for more information on the LED behavior activity.


Thank You!
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Re: Kingston E50 problem


That 2nd link was extremely helpeful, thank you for that.

Just confirms then that the issue is basically the Kingston E50 firmware causing the issue, as the drive was not set as a hot spare obviously. The carrier was not the problem as it worked fine with other drives.

Kingston have been great, and are sending another drive over with different firmware, I just hope this works, because the E50 is a seriously good drive!