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Kingston memory KTH-PL316ES/4G in DL360 G6

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Kingston memory KTH-PL316ES/4G in DL360 G6

Hi there


We have DL360 G6 server with 36 GB of RAM and wanted to upgrade it to 72GB.

We bought 18  Kingston KTH-PL316ES/4G (PC3-12800E) modules. According to description of this type of memory on multiple websites it is compatible with our server model, however, when I tried to install it the server failed to boot.


I then left only 2 modules. The server could start, but gave an error that one of the module failed to inialize.

I moved that faulty module to another slot and the server could see 8GB.


Then I installed half of the modules, but server recognized only 4GB, failed to see some of the DIMMs and failed to initialize some of them. 


Looking at the quickspecs of the DL360 G6 I can't see that this type of memory on the list. Does it really mean we can't use it?

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Re: Kingston memory KTH-PL316ES/4G in DL360 G6

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Re: Kingston memory KTH-PL316ES/4G in DL360 G6

From the quickspecs on the DL360 G6:
"You can only install two UDIMMs per channel; if available, the third slot in the channel must remain empty"

If you want 18 modules, they have to be registered, not unbuffered, sticks.

The memory you purchased, according to the Kingston spec page you linked:
"Specs: DDR3, 1600MHz, ECC, CL11, 1R, X8, 1.5V, Unbuffered, DIMM, 240-pin"

If you haven't already, I highly recommend looking at the quickspecs page (check page 35 in particular):

It has all the info on memory population and any guides on what kinds of memory work, limitations on slot population, etc. Never buy memory without checking the quickspecs to see if it will work first.

You'll also find out that on the older generations, filling all the slots in a channel will lower the memory operating speed. For example, installing 3 rdimm's per channel lowers the mem speed to 800MHz.