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LED Display on Server

Brian Laatz
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LED Display on Server

What do you need to configure or install to get the HP Systems Insight Display to work?
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Re: LED Display on Server

Hi Brian,

If you are referring to the Systems Insight Display on a Proliant DL380 G5/DL385 G2 then the answer is "nothing".

This display only puts one of the leds on when you have a fault. Your system is healthy when everything is out. This is an extension of the motherboard leds which in previous generations (G4, G3,G2 etc) you had to open the lid to see what was lit.

Now with the additional space which 2.5 inch SAS and SATA drives have afforded the design engineers, they have provided an easy viewing window for these leds. Each component has a corresponding led. If it's lit then that's where your fault is.

See attached pdf file.

I hope this helps.


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Re: LED Display on Server

what do you mean by "to work"? do you mean to lid some LED? Try by using an unsupported memory configuration or if you have redundant power supplies try by removing one of them in hot-plug.
Martin Smoral
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Re: LED Display on Server

If you mean the LCD Display on some of the older Proliants, then just make sure you load the latest PSP (Proliant Support Pack). You can then go to your programs folder and find the "Integrated Management Display Utility " to configure what you want displayed.