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LSI Logic :MPT Boot ROM .no supported device found

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LSI Logic :MPT Boot ROM .no supported device found

please can someone help me !

when i boot my ml350 g4 i have this message  LSI Logic :MPT Boot ROM .no supported device found  !!

i don"t think that the probleme is in the controller, i have 2 disk and i have raid 1+0 configuration ,


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Re: LSI Logic :MPT Boot ROM .no supported device found

The ML350 G4 has two storage controller configurations: if you have the optional Smart Array 641 installed in slot 3, then the integrated LSI SCSI controller may be unused. In this case, the message is normal and expected.(There is/was also an option to install an internal cable kit to make the SCSI ports of the LSI controller usable externally, if the Smart Array is installed.)


This model was retired from HP sales portfolio in 2006, so your server is at least 6 years old. It is rare but not impossible for two disks of this age to fail nearly simultaneously.  If you didn't have any RAID health monitoring configured for your server, it's also possible that one of the disks failed earlier and you just didn't notice it, and now the other disk has failed too.



If the system is not booting:

- Smart Array controller installed: if you don't see any Smart Array startup messages at boot, your Smart Array controller may have failed.

- Smart Array controller not installed: you may have two failed disks.


If the system is booting successfully and you have Smart Array installed:

- if you don't have the internal -> external cabling kit + external disks installed, the message is normal.

- otherwise, check your external SCSI devices.


If you need more help, please describe your hardware configuration in more detail.

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Re: LSI Logic :MPT Boot ROM .no supported device found



i am having the same Problem but : I reset the BIOS yesterday and now i am having the message :


hp lsi corporation mpt boot rom no supported devices found.

110- Out of memory space for option ROM.

The Option ROM for the following device was unable to run due to memory constrains, If you choose to continue, one or more PCI devices may not work properly.

bus/dev/fcn: 61h/00h/00h


the thing is, that i have a SSD PCI-E for boot. Is there a possibility to fix this issue without installing windows again ?

thanks for you time,