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Large harddrives DL320 g2?


Large harddrives DL320 g2?


We've installed a 500 GB harddrive in a dl320 G2.
It does however only detect 128GB.

Is 128 GB harddrives the max size of harddrives for this model or do we need to strap the harddrive differently?

We've got the "latest" (2004/09/15) bios installed on the machine.
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Re: Large harddrives DL320 g2?

Hi Andreas,

Yes there is a limitation to the capacity seen by the ATA raid controller on the DL320 G2 and ML310 servers.

Quote from Quickspecs...

Internal storage capacity of up to 274 GB in ATA Models (2 x 160 GB 1" ATA/100 Non-Hot Plug Drives) or 145.6 GB (2 x 72.8 GB 1" non hot plug SCSI)
NOTE: Please note that the internal ATA controller will only recognize a maximum of 137 GB/HDD in the HP ProLiant DL320 G2. If the hard drive bays are populated with 160 GB HDDs, the system will recognize a max of 137 GB each, for a maximum storage capacity of 274 GB.

Full Quickspecs link.