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Large memory support for DL585?

Jörgen Hamberg
Occasional Contributor

Large memory support for DL585?

This may be a early question but since I've seen Exchange 2003 benchmarks for the coming DL585 with 64GB of memory I'm a bit curius.
What are the software requirements to use 64GB memory in Windows2003/Exchange2003 in the extended x86 architecture used in Opteron based systems?
Do I need the Windows2003Server-64 OS or can I use the standard 32 bit Os with PEA/AWE functions?

A geeky question maybe but...

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Large memory support for DL585?

this following link might help you.
and you can use standard 32bit os

Prasahnt S.
Nothing is impossible
Jörgen Hamberg
Occasional Contributor

Re: Large memory support for DL585?

Thanks Prasahnt!

I still not shure if Microsoft support PAE on opteron. Last I heard they did not!?
Another thing is the fact (I believe) that only the Datacenter version supports 64GB PEA/AWE! Enterprise Ed. "only" supports 32GB. So it's not really possible for me to deliver such a solution without the whole Datacenter program.

Maybe we can sort this out?