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Large unallocated disk on HP server

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Large unallocated disk on HP server



I bought a new HP DL380 with 5x TB hard disk.

I managed to set it up as Windows 2008 server with Raid 5.

From the ACU, I can see that the logical disk is 3.6TB raid5 but when I check the disk using Windows Disk Management,

I found 100GB on my C drive, which is OK, and 1948GB can be format as simple volume, 1677GB is mark unallocated.


is that correct? If it is, how to merge the 1677GB to the 1948GB to become one 3.6TB ? else how to fully make that 1.6TB hard disk available?





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Re: Large unallocated disk on HP server



The reason that you can only create partitions of 2 TB is a MBR issue. The address space of MBR is not enough for partitions over 2 TB. To use partitions over 2TB in windows you need to convert the disk to use GTP instead of MBR. Here is a link from M$ on how to convert. Only problem is that the whole disk needs to be empty to do the conversion.