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Latest smartstart usable on Compaq 8500R

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Marc Dupras
Occasional Advisor

Latest smartstart usable on Compaq 8500R

I searched around and could not find an answer.

I have Smartstart 5.5. This does not have an option for Windows 2003. I want to install Windows 2003 Entreprise Edition on this server. Can someone answer the following two questions for me please?

1. What is the newest version of SmartStart that I can use on a Compaq Proliant 8500R server?

2. Where can I download it?

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: Latest smartstart usable on Compaq 8500R

last SmartStart version for Proliant 8500 is SmartStart 5.5 - so you already have right version

You can choose "windows 2000" during SmartStart process and put windows 2003 CD when SmartStart ask for windows 2000 CD

Make sure you have last firmware for Proliant 8500 before windows 2003 installation
Trusted Contributor

Re: Latest smartstart usable on Compaq 8500R

You can check the Smart Start suppor matrix at that link.

If you cannot install the OS by using SS, then you can install it manually, you may have to load the driver for the storage controller by pressing F6 during the installation..

You can get all drivers form here:

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Latest smartstart usable on Compaq 8500R

Just to add to the good comments above:
When installing Windows 2003 using SmartStart 5.5, you need to select the Manual installation method (assisted will not work).

You should not need to add the storage controller driver with F6, as Windows 2003 has drivers for the Integrated Smart Array controller normally found in an 8500R. If you want to install the latest Support Pack after Windows is installed, don't forget to install the SNMP service when you are setting up Windows (otherwise the Insight Agents will not install)

You can get the support pack from the link that Chongkan provided.

Marc Dupras
Occasional Advisor

Re: Latest smartstart usable on Compaq 8500R

Thank you for confirming what I thought was correct.

I'm troubleshooting a problem via process of elimination.

The problem I am having can be found on this post.